February 1

041 [Part 2] – Life Lessons From Mark Cuban


At age 12, Mark Cuban sold trash bags door to door. Further on, he owned a bar after college and he later hit it really big when in 1995 he sold his company Broadcast.com to Yahoo for $5.6 billion dollars!

Now you could say Mark Cuban is a lucky man and indeed he is. However, if you thought that, you may have missed the main point. 

Sure he was ‘lucky’, but if you read between the lines, he solved problems.

Mark has a lot of wisdom to share in the realms of life, business, and finance.

In this part 2 episode, Dave shares 5 more key financial lessons from Mark Cuban.

Winning with money isn’t always about taking huge risks, most of the time it's the little things you do every day like reading a book on investments or paying your credit card balance off every month. All these things will make you a winner.

So, what problem can you solve in your world today?

You heard some really good ways to save and invest your money, but now I want you to take one of those ideas and make it part of your life so that you can win with money!

Questions for Review:

  • Did Mark Cuban's upbringing and entrepreneurial spirit sound relatable to you?
  • What problem do you currently see in your savings or investing strategy (this can be habits as well)?
  • What 1 lesson from the 10, that Mark taught on, can you go out and immediately implement?

Quote from the Episode: "It doesn't matter how many times you fail. You only have to be right once and then everyone can tell you that you are an overnight success." -Mark Cuban


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