January 28

041 | Mark Cubans Genius Financial Tips [Part 1]


Have you ever heard of Mark Cuban? Or better yet, Shark Tank? 

I’m guessing that if you do know who he is, it may be because of seeing him on TV with Shark Tank.

Mark Cubans is a world-famous entrepreneur and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

In this episode, you're going to learn REAL ways to win with money as Dave shares some amazing financial advice from Mark Cuban.

Mark built several successful businesses at an early age because he did what any great entrepreneur does, he solves problems.

He's not only a good businessman, but he's also very savvy with his money and has a lot of great financial wisdom to share.

Listen to the episode as Mark shares 5 unconventional tips for succeeding with money.

Questions for Review:

  • Does Mark Cubans early success seem achievable to you? [before he became a billionaire]
  • Does getting rich slowly sound appealing to you? Remember, the fastest way to guarantee wealth is to get rich slowly.
  • Which of the 5 tips shared do you feel that you can most likely implement?

Quote from the Episode: "Every no gets you closer to a yes." -Mark Cuban


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