March 20

074 | Are You Better Than Average? [Financial Tips for Getting Ahead]


Most of us are average. 

It’s just a statement of fact.

In this episode, Dave is going to discuss what being in the middle looks like - financially speaking, and then shares suggestions that you can implement into your life to be better than average.

Being average in America is all too common. 

We quickly spend as much as we make, and lifestyle inflation creeps in when we do end up making more money. The point of this podcast and our hope for you is to become better than average.

Here, Dave discusses the 10 key things that hold people back and which keep them stuck in average.

As with every podcast, Dave gives some practical tips to become better than average.

Take what you hear and apply it to your life so that you can win with money!

Take these ‘suggestions’ seriously. Begin this week to practice some of these ideas and you will win with money.

Questions for Review:
  • Do you consider yourself average financially speaking?
  • Do you have enough money in the bank account to cover a financial emergency?
  • What 1 thing from the episode can you do to get outside your comfort zone and become better than average?

Verse From the Episode: "Whoever despises the word brings destruction on himself, but he who reveres the commandment will be rewarded." -Proverbs 13:13


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