May 12

016 | 3 Smart Things to Consider If Retiring Early


Just under 5% of people in the age group of 18-55 years old Americans are early retirees.

I recently read a story of a guy who retired at 37 only to go back to work only 2 years later.

He found that retirement was sorely missing 3 things: human connection, work fulfillment, and money.

Stopping work is not the be-all, end-all for some people. Work can be exciting, rewarding, and a key to your personal happiness.

I retired at 55 and have been living off our investments for over a decade now and for us it’s worked out very well. We all have just this one life to live, so if you can do it, I say give it a try.

You can always go back to work right?

However, from this podcast today we have learned it may not be for everyone. Something to consider very seriously before you take the plunge.

YOU want your work to be rewarding and to bring you joy. SO if that’s not happening, maybe it's time to look for something else that would fit better.

The important thing is to live with intentionality and start saving and investing today so that you have the luxury to consider retiring at a younger age.

Questions for Review:

  • Do you want to retire early?
  • What would it take for you to retire early?
  • If you were to retire early, what would you do to occupy your time?

Verse from the Episode: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." -Philippians 4:6


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