May 19

017 | Are You a Thinker or a Doer? [Thinking Mode vs. Doing Mode]


92% of people who set New Year's goals do NOT achieve them! 

Wow, that is very unfortunate. Today we’re going to talk a bit about the other 8%.

Which one do you lean towards, thinking or doing? Let’s see where you fit in and how you can improve your odds on this week's episode.

There is a balance between thinking and doing.

Change does not come easily but with the right plan, it can be done. It's important to think through what you are going to do, but if you don't actually go out and execute your plan, it is a worthless plan.

It's so important to set clear, difficult but attainable goals that can be broken down and achieved step by step all the way to the finish line.

Also, accountability to someone like family or friends can make a huge difference to your overall success.

Whatever it takes to move you one step closer to taking action is progress.

How badly do you want this? 

YOU have to want to win in your finances so badly that NO object or PERSON is going to get in your way. Take charge today and win with money!

Questions for Review:

  • What do you struggle with most, thinking or doing?
  • How can you push yourself to be more of a doer (and not just a thinker)?
  • What's holding you back from winning with money? Once you have that identified, how can you take that one small step to change your future outcome?

Verse from the Episode: "The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty." -Proverbs 21:5


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