May 5

015 | 6 Game-Changing Books to Master Your Understanding of Money


Believe it or not, according to the statistics, 70% of lottery winners end up broke and a third go on to declare bankruptcy.

With this new windfall of cash, lottery winners tend to spend way more than before they hit it big... and once you add in poor investment choices they burn through the money in next to no time. From rags to riches then back to rags again.

In this episode, Dave is going to help you master your understanding of money.

Dave recommends 6 tried and true books on finance and investing that he has read and widely recommends to others wanting to get better educated.

If you're serious about winning with money, we suggest you go to the library or Amazon and pick up a couple of these books that sound most interesting to you... Even an audiobook will do.

It's time to get started and to get educated on money.

Questions for Review:
  • Have you ever read a book on money or investing?
  • How does better educating yourself financially play out in your own decisions and future?
  • What is one book you are going to start reading this week?

Verse from the Episode: "A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished." -Proverbs 28:20


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