March 3

006 | Are You Prepared for an Unexpected Death? [Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance]


I hate to be morbid, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you were to suddenly die unexpectedly?

In the United States, 7 thousand people die every day. Over half die without any life insurance. So, 52% of people who die every day do not leave anything behind for those they love most.

Would you be able to provide for your loved ones if things were to change for the worse in an instant?

In this episode, you are going to learn why a good life insurance policy is essential to prepare for the worst and to give you peace of mind for those you love most.

In addition, you will learn:

  • Why it's essential to have a good life insurance policy in place.
  • The differences between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Learn which option is best for cost-conscious savers and which one is best for those looking to build up wealth with a life insurance plan.
  • Why Dave recommends the majority of people follow the principle: "Buy term and invest the rest."

Questions for Review:

  • Have you ever considered what would happen or how your loved ones would react if you were to suddenly pass away unexpectedly?
  • Do you have a life insurance policy in place in case of an untimely death?
  • What fits your current needs and desires, term life insurance or whole life insurance?

Verse from the Episode: "But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." -1 Timothy 5:8


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