February 3

001 | Saver vs. Spender: Which One Are You? [Dean & Mike]


Have you heard this phrase, “Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail.”  You’ve probably heard that before, right?

But how does it apply to ME? Which one do you want to become? ... Dean or Mike?

Today, we are going to tell you the true story of Dean and Mike and how different life decisions led them towards a completely different future. 

Can someone in a lower-paying job actually save more money than someone making twice as much as them? How could that be?

In this episode, you are going to find out.

Questions for Review:

  • Do YOU see a bit of yourself in one of these 2 friends?
  • Can YOU identify with some of their habits?  
  • Why is being a ‘saver’ a big deal?

Verse of the Episode: Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. -Proverbs 13:11


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