April 28

050 | Are YOU House Rich & Cash Poor?


Are you house-rich and cash-poor?

Find out on this week's episode...

Did you know that those who delay gratification are more self-motivated and more able to face future obstacles or challenges when they come?

Delaying a reward can be hard at the time but the rewards for waiting will outweigh the initial disappointment you may have.

Today, Dave is going to speak on a common problem many of us have and that is the desire to have it all, and have it now.

Unfortunately, that desire from a financial perspective will derail your future financial success 100% of the time. 

Listen to what he has to say and how you can correct the problem on this very important episode.

Applying this delayed gratification principle to your life will help you win with money. Without it, unfortunately, you will forever be cash-strapped and not able to move the needle financially speaking.

Questions for Review:

  • Is delaying gratification something you struggle with?
  • Do you find yourself in a situation where you are house-rich and cash poor? Or perhaps, car rich and cash poor?
  • What one thing can you cut out or cut back on to put more money towards a savings account or pay down debt?

Verse from the Episode: “Whoever loves pleasure will be a poor man; he who loves wine and oil will not be rich.” -Proverbs 17:21


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